What is pie exactly? I want to know what the other users on this wiki think that pie is. Like what YOUR definition of pie is.

Annie: pie is a type of dessert with a crust made of somesort of doughy crust. Then filled with some sort of fruit or other sweet filling. Depending on the type it may or may not have a crust on top.

Thomas: Sweet bread crust with a sweet and sour feeling inside

Kwan: A dessert that is just beautifully hand crafted and eaten. It is filled with savory filling and there might be mouth-watering crust on top. When you eat it, the delectable fragrance reaches your nostrils and you are in heaven. When you take a heavenly bite of pie, your taste buds will fly and soar through the skies.

Haalyle: Pie is any sort of fruit or meat put into crust and baked in an oven. The best tasting pies are ones filled with fruit or custard.

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